UKRPA Request for information

At our Annual General Meeting, we were honoured to have the UKRPA Chairperson join us, offering insights into the association’s focal points and highlighting the upcoming biennial conference. Their discussion opened a dialogue on energy theft from MEMs, inviting members to engage and contribute. 

Here are some key questions posed to members:

🔍 Any emerging trends or innovative methods observed in tampering?

💡 Suggestions on combating the acquisition of metering assets or the provision of tampering services?

🚧 Specific hurdles faced on-site post-meter tampering incidents?

📋 How effective are the current processes for reporting energy theft?

Your feedback is invaluable! 🗣️ If you’re a AMO member keen on sharing insights or have additional queries on energy theft/meter tampering, please reach out to the UKRPA at Let’s work together to safeguard our energy infrastructure!