Becoming a Member

The Benefits of Membership

The Association of Meter Operators offers numerous benefits and services to companies that are active in the metering industry. Via members’ meetings and discussions across the industry, the Association of Meter Operators challenges and champions the issues that impact the industry, both now and in the future. It also provides an invaluable opportunity for members to share opinions.

  • KNOWLEDGE SHARING – The AMO has 23 diverse member companies from across gas and electricity metering.
  • INFLUENCE – The AMO is recognised as an expert body by government, regulators and other industry partners.
  • INDEPENDENCE – The AMO utilises independent consultants to provide a single, strong voice in industry debate.
  • RESOURCE SHARING – AMO Members benefit from a coordinated approach, allowing Members to contribute equally, regardless of organisational size.

AMO Membership Criteria

AMO membership is open to gas and/or electricity meter operators as defined in the AMO constitution.

There are three classes of AMO membership:

  • Full membership carries full voting rights. Fees for full membership are determined at two levels based on the number of meters managed by the company.
  • Affiliate membership carries no voting rights and is for organisations responsible for a very small number of meters.
  • Associate membership is available to companies that do not qualify as a Meter Operator but have a relevant connection to the market.

2021 – 2022 Membership Fees

Full Membership – £9,945

Full Membership (Small) – £4,970

Affiliate Membership – £2,487

Associate Membership – £1,492

Membership fees are reviewed at the General Meeting held annually.

For further information about becoming a member of the Association of Meter Operators, please contact the AMO Secretariat on 020 7191 1754 or