Sandbox and Derogation Update

At the Performance Assurance Board (PAB) meeting held on 30 April 2024, the REC Change Management Team presented an update on R0152 – Revision to the Consolidated Metering Code of Practice (CoMCoP) progress. The PAB agreed the following:

  • For DER_19 to be extended to cover 23 additional clauses and to apply to the identified REC Party types and clauses until the implementation of R0152; and
  • For the Change Management Team to provide timely updates to the PAB on the progress of R0152, as well as ongoing standard updates to the REC Change Panel.

Please refer to the April 2024 PAB Headline Report for a full summary of the discussion and to the CoMCoP Revision Derogation folder accessible via the Sandbox and Derogation Register for all associated documentation.