RTS End Date Confirmed

Energy UK issued a press release, 1st March 2024, confirming the end-date for the Radio Teleswitching service of 30th June 2025. The end-date has been agreed following a number of discussions between all of the Radio Teleswitch infrastructure providers over the last couple of months, including assessments of all components supporting the RTS service.  


Attached is the second edition of the Energy UK RTS Newsletter providing more information for interested stakeholders.


The key message for consumers now is to take immediate action when their electricity supplier contacts them to offer them a smart meter upgrade. With over 900,000 consumers still reliant on RTS equipment and the RTS service for consumers ending on 30th June 2025, it is essential that they respond to their supplier immediately so that RTS replacement activity can be carefully planned over the coming months.


In addition to the newsletter FAQs, a dedicated RTS Digital Leaflet has been produced collaboratively by industry stakeholders, that Energy UK are now encouraging all of their stakeholders to publish on their websites.