REC R0043 Solution Update

Following discussion with impacted Parties and the REC Change Panel, REC have applied some updates to the Solution documentation for R0043 – Commissioning of Works by the Crowded Meter Room Coordinator (CMRC) to Resolve Issues In Crowded Meter Rooms. This is to ensure alignment with the Legal Text and to provide clarity to parties as they begin development for this change release in June 2024.

The updates to documentation include:-

The R0043 Legal Text has a provision for Suppliers to both send and receive the D0002 Market Message from the Crowded Meter Room MEM (CMRM). However, the approved Data Specification only included the Scenario Variant for a Supplier sending the D0002 to the CMRM. We have updated the Data Specification to include the Scenario Variant for CMRM sending the D0002 to the Supplier, to reflect the approved Legal Text.

In addition, REC have removed references to descoped Market Messages, from the Final Change Report.

For clarity, whilst the D0126 Market Message is used within the solution for R0043 the Market Message is not being changed, therefore, to remove ambiguity, we have removed it from the Data Specification set of Market Messages.

The Pre-release information provided for this change will be updated in line with these changes.

If you have any questions regarding these updates, please contact the Technical Change Mailbox.