REC Changes Impacted by MHHS Change and Technical Code Freeze

RECco have previously communicated about the potential impacts of the existing Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement Programme Change Freeze, as well as the Core Systems (technical) Code Freeze which is planned to be in place from November 2024. Further detail on this can be found on the REC Portal.

The Code Manager has completed a review of any in flight REC Change Proposals and continue to review all new Change Proposals, in this context, as they are raised. As a result, these changes will need to be put on hold until it is appropriate to progress the change which may differ between each Change Proposal depending on the nature of the change.

The impacted Change Proposals  which will be of MEM interest are:

Each of these Change Proposals will be paused at the current process stage and will continue from that stage when lifted off hold. Change Proposal Plans currently in place are being withdrawn and the Proposer for each of these changes has been informed.

A detailed update will be provided to the REC Change Panel, and other Responsible Committees, at the next available opportunity. They will then be kept informed and new Change Proposal Plans submitted when the changes are lifted off hold. The Code Manager will continue to work with Service Providers and these Change Proposals, along with all others, will continue to be monitored to ensure progression at the appropriate time.

On an ongoing basis, the latest update and any progression can be checked on the individual Change Proposal pages and in the downloadable Change Register, which can be found on the Change and Release Management pages of the REC Portal.

If you have questions regarding the impacted Change Proposals above or more generally on the freeze impacts, please submit them to the Code Manager at or contact your Operational Account Manager. You can also contact the Change Management Team directly at