The proposal was issued by RECCo for consultation on 09 May and suggests some new obligations for MAMs. The circumstances are where a meter exchange has been done close to a change of supplier (CoS) event. This is likely to become more common with faster switching.

R0094 – Clarify obligations on gas meter exchanges that occur close to CoS

As you’ll see from the change proposal, issues can arise where the details of the work performed cross over with the CoS and agent appointment and this can result in the central register being incorrect and thus causing a muddle for consumer billing and settlement. There are good reasons to attempt a resolution to this problem because incorrect meter details are a significant source of frustration and financial inconvenience for consumers

The solution proposed is that MAMs should undertake additional validation of the work instruction to check that they will be (or expect to be) the appointed party for an MPRN when the job is done.

There is also a new expectation for MAMs to proactively provide updates if they suspect that information previously sent is inaccurate.

Gas MAM members are urged to review the proposal and consult with colleagues on the potential impact to operational processes and to respond to the REC R0094 consultation which will close out on 31st May.    

Please contact me, Steve Brand (or your REC operational account manager) if you would like further details. 

Eric Fowler

Consultant to the Association of Meter Operators