Post 2025 SMIP Framework Workshop

SMS are looking to arrange a workshop (June/July 2024) on the Post 2025 SMIP Framework with a goal to create a coherent view and fund an independent whitepaper ahead of the upcoming DESNZ consultation. Below is a high level view of the potential agenda and current changes being considered, and a poll for availability. Members interested in participating please contact Tom Woolley directly.

Poll for potential dates

High level agenda

  • 1030 – Start – Tea, Coffee, welcomes
  • Chatham House Rules
  • Challenges with current approach for SMIP
  • Open forum on potential changes, including the two commonly discussed (below)
  • Agree the concepts to take forward and agree the scope of a deep dive
    • Industry and consumer cost impacts of such changes
    • SMIP benefits for DESNZ to consider
    • Agree Timelines – ambition to be ready for DESNZ consultation on Post 2025 Framework in Autumn 2024
  • 1500 – Wrap up

Potential changes

Idea 1 – Consumer Led Roll Out

  • Enable a consumer to request and book their own smart meter install
  • Any compliant MEM can install, but only where it is non-smart to smart
  • Option 1
    • Devices must be auto pairing
    • SMICOP adhered to via IHD demo mode
    • Energy Suppliers have SLA under licence condition to adopt meter into CHURN agreement & Commission Devices remotely
  • Option 2
    • MEM responsible to integrate to Energy Suppliers DCC Adapters to commission a generic device and establish HAN and WAN.
  • Option 3
    • Change RSA Role to enable commissioning SR’s to establish HAN & WAN
    • Energy Suppliers have SLA under licence condition to adopt meter into CHURN agreement & complete commissioning remotely

This opens up competition for SMIP. Enabling MEM and partners to target consumers directly and present a different set of benefits.

An interesting statistic. 20% of users downloading free energy apps, or apps that use smart meter data, don’t have a smart meter. The vast majority of these once said no to their energy supplier. For context, we are looking at non-energy supplier brands going live with millions of customers this year. At the moment, all we can do is say “contact your energy supplier to get a smart meter”. If the above change was in place, we’d be able to capture the interest there and then and offer an install.

Idea 2 – Coordinated Installs

  • When a MOP is in a Crowded Meter Room completing work for Alt HAN. They should have the ability to offer a Smart Meter install there and then, not just move traditional meters
  • More broadly, if this works – no real reason why Alt HAN could not facilitate a wider co-ordinated install model
  • The same logic as above, post install options should apply in terms of ability to complete commissioning and adoption