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REC Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

This week, the Code Manager has published an updated version of the Stakeholder Engagement Strategy on the REC Portal. The document is the Code Manager’s plan for collaborative working with REC stakeholders. It constitutes: a set of Principles and Objectives; a Communications Plan which details tools and techniques they use; and a Stakeholder Charter which sets out their promise to you that they will uphold certain values throughout engagement, as well as what they ask from you in return.

Post 2025 SMIP Framework Workshop

SMS are looking to arrange a workshop (June/July 2024) on the Post 2025 SMIP Framework with a goal to create a coherent view and fund an independent whitepaper ahead of the upcoming DESNZ consultation. Below is a high level view of the potential agenda and current changes being considered, and a poll for availability. Members interested in participating please contact Tom Woolley directly.

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Switching Incentive Regime Feedback

Ofgem introduced the Switching Incentive Regime in April 2023, a performance incentive regime for the Data Communication Company (DCC) for its roles in delivering the Switching arrangements to the retail energy market. RECCo is required to assess the Customer Engagement measure of this regime and users’ satisfaction with the service, and to do this, we require feedback from Retail Energy Code (REC) switching parties. If you’re a REC Party involved in Switching, look out for your invitation to submit your feedback in later this month.

REC June 2024 REC Release Drop-in Session

The Code Manager is hosting the June 2024 REC Release Drop-in Session on 11 June 2024 (13:00 – 14:00) to provide an overview of the planned changes within the scope the June 2024 (3.11.0) REC Release taking place on 28 June 2024. The session will provide information on the impacts of the changes and provide you with an opportunity ask your questions direct to the Code Manager.

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