GES Upgrade – Temporary Roll-Back

On 21 June 2024, the GES Service Provider announced the transition of the Gas Enquiry Service (GES) to a new technology platform. This upgrade aims to enhance resilience and provide a more efficient, cost-effective solution for REC Parties.

After the switch on 22 June 2024, post-implementation testing revealed a few issues, leading to a small number of customer tickets. As a precaution, the GES Service Provider has partially rolled back GES to the old platform while the issues are thoroughly investigated. Consequently, the GES Portal and the Supply Point Switching (SPS) API are now operating on the legacy platform, whereas the Supply Point Enquiry (SPE) and Meter Point Enquiry (MPE) API services continue to run on the new platform.

Next steps

Once the issues have been fully investigated and fixes have been tested, the GES Service Provider will transition the GES Online Portal and the Supply Point Switching API (SPS) back to the new platform. This will be confirmed through further communications. If you encounter any functionality issues, please contact the GES Service Provider by raising a ticket. We apologise for any inconvenience caused during this transition.