Electralink Data Transfer Service (DTS) Changes

To support the MHHS Programme’s System’s Integration Testing (SIT) phase, there was an extraordinary release of the Data Transfer Catalogue (DTC) v14.2 on the Data Transfer Network (DTN) on 13 May 2024.

All DTN users must update the Catalogue in their systems, regardless of their involvement in MHHS testing. Please note that this Catalogue does not include any change to the Operational flows.

Only MHHS SIT participants will need to make material changes to their systems in response to this Catalogue update. Programme participants who are not participating in MHHS SIT will not need to make any material system changes in response to this Catalogue update.

We advise you to make your own independent checks by reviewing the information held on the REC Portal and the Digital Navigator, and to update your systems accordingly.

If you have any questions or need any further support, please email helpdesk@electralink.co.uk.