AMO Committee 2024-2025

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the team who will be steering the ship for the AMO 2024-2025 term!  Say hello to our recently elected committee members:

🌟 Andrew Hume – AMO Chairperson & Half Hourly electricity metering Chairperson

🌟 Dean Berry – Vice Chair & Member Representative

🌟 Kirsty Gascoyne – Budgetary Officer

🌟 Jon Rand – Gas Metering Forum Chairperson

🌟 Richard Hill – Electricity Metering Forum Chairperson

🌟 Tim Tawse – Member Representative

🌟 Nicholas Parton – Member Representative

🌟Callum Sheen – Industry Change and Emerging Technologies Chairperson


Join us in giving a warm welcome to these incredible individuals! Together, we’re redy to make this upcoming year one for the books. 📚 💫


Watch this space for further information on the new members.