Central Products List (CPL) Version v3.004 01/05/2024 now published on SEC Website

Please note, Version 3.004 of the Central Products List (CPL) is now available. The new workbook can be downloaded here.

Change Summary

  • One SMETS2 GSME and three SMETS1 PPMIDs added.

SEC Section F2.9 ‘Publication and Use by the DCC’

 Subject to the requirements of the CPL Requirements Document, the DCC shall, from time to time, use and rely upon the Central Products List most recently received by the DCC from the Panel at that time, provided that the DCC shall be allowed up to 24 hours from receipt to make any modifications to the Smart Metering Inventory that are necessary to reflect the updated Central Products List.

As per the above, SEC Section F2.9 is now in effect.

Code Roadmap Relaunch

The REC are pleased to announce the refreshed version of the REC Code Roadmap is now available.  It presents the priority work items that the REC Code Manager is delivering now and in the near future that are resulting, or could result, in changes to the REC.

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SSC Briefing – Security Alert

Please see below an SSC Briefing Note alerting smart metering parties and organisations to NCSC advice to take immediate action to mitigate against vulnerabilities affecting Cisco devices, running Adaptive Security Applicant (ASA) & Firepower Threat Defence (FTD) software.


Nicholas Parton – New Committee Member

With over two decades of experience in the gas industry, Nick brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team. His journey began with an apprenticeship in natural gas, and since then, he’s installed a wide array of gas central heating systems across the UK. Nick’s passion for mentoring apprentices has also played a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of professionals in the field.
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