April 2024 Extraordinary REC Release

The Code elements of the April 2024 (3.10.0) Extraordinary REC Release have been implemented today, 12 April 2024.

This Release introduces three change, including, not restricted to:

R0139 – Alignment of Market Message D0225 ‘consent to share flag’ to support PSR data sharing

Ofgem have been in with discussion with Energy Suppliers this year, requesting them to voluntarily change how they use the consent option within the Priority Services Register (PSR) flow. This Change Proposal (CP) has been raised to make sure the Market Message mirrors the process agreed between Ofgem and Energy Suppliers by re-naming the Priority Services Register (PSR) Data Item DI51497 (J2208) as “Lawful basis for sharing” and to amend the relevant clauses in REC Schedule 13 if needed.

The REC Code Manager has released its latest podcast. In this episode Paul Rocke is joined by Holly Law as they discuss the changes being implemented in the April 2024 Extraordinary Release on 12 April 2024. To listen to the episode, click here.