REC R0094 Update

Change R0094  has been raised to address an issue with the ‘Switch with a Concurrent Change of MEM process.’.

MEMs are obliged to issue ONJOBs to the CDSP as part of a meter exchange. However, this would not be issued if the MEM has received a de-Appointment flow as part of the Switch. This change proposes to obligate MEMs to issue ONJOBs for any completed meter exchanges, even after receiving a de-Appointment flow. This will ensure accurate Meter Technical Details are available to the gaining Supplier and MEM.

The Code Manager has, as part of solution development activity, completed a red-lined version of Schedule 14 – Metering Operations. This draft legal text will now be discussed with the REC Technical Design Authority and with the proposer, ahead of a review by the Code Manager’s legal counsel. This draft legal text will form the basis of a Party Impact Assessment, scheduled to be published on 27/03 (ahead of initially planned date to avoid clash with Good Friday).

R0094 – Clarify obligations on gas meter exchanges that occur close to CoS