Committee 2024 – 2025

At the AGM, one of the key agenda items was the election of committee members to serve in various capacities within our association.

Congratulations to all the newly appointed committee members of the AMO. Their dedication and commitment to serving in this capacity are commendable. Their contributions will undoubtedly help steer the association toward its goals and objectives. 

The Committee

  • Andy Hume – AMO Chairperson & Half Hourly electricity metering Chairperson

  • Dean Berry – Vice Chair & Member Representative

  • Kirsty Gascoyne – Budgetary Officer

  • Callum Sheen – Industry Change and Emerging Technologies Chairperson

  • Richard Hill – Electricity Metering Forum Chairperson

  • Jon Rand – Gas Metering Forum Chairperson

  • Tim Tawse – Member Representative

  • Nicholas Parton – Member Representative

It’s always exciting to welcome new members to a committee, bringing fresh perspectives and ideas. I’m sure the AMO will benefit greatly from their contributions. Wishing the newly appointed committee members all the best in their roles!