Advanced Communications Best Practice Meeting – Friday 1st November 2019

MRR450 has been circulated and the feedback will be discussed on Friday 1st November 2019. It is intended for AMO Members to sign onto the Best Practice Guide.

Replies to the below questions are requested by CoB Friday 25th October 2019.

1  Do you support the draft Best Practice document?

2  Are there any changes you propose to the draft document?

3  Does your organisation already comply with this guidance and wish to be listed in the relevant section?

4  If not compliant, what timescale would it take?

Ofgem’s Scrutiny of the Market – SMICoP

Suppliers have been asked to review Ofgem’s proposed changes to SMICoP which would require them to publish the results of customer surveys. It is anticipated for these to be published in early 2020. The greatest need for change is likely to fall on small suppliers and their service providers as this sector is showing the lowest levels of compliance with the code.

NRO Activation Date 30th June 2019

The New and Replacement Obligation (NRO) activation date is 30 June 2019. From this date, Suppliers will need to take ‘all reasonable steps’ to install a smart meter. Exceptions are where a meter cannot be installed for technical or practical reasons, in emergency circumstances or where a consumer wishes to retain a traditional meter.

One Million SMETS2 Meters Connected

The Data Communications Company (DCC) has announced that it has reached a milestone of one million SMETS2 meters successfully connected to its network. At 14:48 on Tuesday 21 May 2019, the 1,000,000th meter was installed in Slough by SSE.

AMO Annual General Meeting 2019

The AMO 2019 Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 13th – Thursday 14th March 2019 and will be held at Woodside Conference Centre in Kenilworth, Warwickshire. Further information will be distributed in due course. If you have any questions regarding the 2019 AGM, please contact

AMO Training Seminar 2018

The 2018 AMO Training Seminar is scheduled for Tuesday 12th June 2018 at Gemserv offices.

The day will be ideal for those who are either new to their organisation or the metering industry, or those interested in learning about another fuel. Topics will include the history of the gas and electricity industries; an overview of metering technology; key market participants and regulatory framework; and the benefits and challenges of smart metering.

Please contact if you have any questions.