Make your voice heard……………

We all know the metering industry is in constant change, the next few months are no exception.  One of the biggest changes happens in September 2021.  This is when the Retail Energy Code v2 goes live, at that point all gas & electricity meter operators under whichever acronym will become Meter Equipment Managers (MEMs).

  • MEMs will accede to REC in their own right, that provides direct accountability.
  • MEMs will have a new Performance Assurance regime that must be complied with
  • MEMs will have a new Qualification & Maintenance regime that must be complied with,
  • REC will have its own Change Control function which will dispense with numerous, endless working groups,
  • REC will consult with stakeholders about changes – but not at a REC hosted meeting.

The AMO has been engaging with REC for several months with a lot of success, this engagement will increase  to cover all the bullets above. As a Trade Association we will be consulted on all changes that affect MEMs.

​The above is just the actions we’re taking on REC – but what else are we engaged with influencing and shaping:

  • Using hydrogen
  • EV charging
  • Changing the rules for the fitting of isolators
  • Faster Switching
  • Solar and PV installation best practice

Recent achievements of the AMO:

  • DSEAR Reference Document
  • Asbestos Reference Document
  • Cut-out glossary
  • Assisting BEIS with Safer Working in Homes during the pandemic.

And all this whilst representing members and being the critical friend of the industry:

  • Chairing MAMCOP
  • Chairing MOCOPA
  • Assisting BSC Performance Assurance Board
  • Assisting BEIS Groups on Health & Safety, Pandemic remobilisation, Smart Meter Installation
  • Assisting SECAS operational groups
  • Assisting Elexon/BSC groups
  • Assisting SMICOP
  • Assisting DCUSA Groups

The AMO is open to all MEMs across both fuels and aims to have representation at REC meetings as we already do with MRA, SPAA, SEC etc.

If you want to have your voice heard, join the AMO, we guarantee we will listen.

A single voice representing the many.