SP Dataserve Limited


SP Dataserve Ltd, headquartered in Glasgow, has evolved from the former ScottishPower Metering Business to become a first class, competitive provider of metering, data and related services across Great Britain, serving over 5 million electricity and gas customers. Dataserve’s comprehensive range of services include:

  • Half-Hourly (HH), Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and Non Half-Hourly (NHH) Electricity Meter Operations;
  • AMR Gas Meter Operations;
  • HH, AMR and NHH Electricity and Non-Daily Gas Data Collection and Data Retrieval;
  • HH, AMR and NHH Data Aggregation;
  • Data Processing, Data Management and Data Validation;
  • Debt Advisory;
  • Revenue Protection Services.

These services are designed to enhance the ability of suppliers and energy users to collect, analyse, manage and make effective use of energy consumption data, resulting in our wide and diverse customer portfolio, ranging from large multi-site UK wide retailers to Local Authorities, food producers, transport & aviation and utilities (including renewables and windfarms), making savings in both energy and costs.

Non-Half Hourly Operational Matters – John Heague  – Regional Manager
Phone: 07753621885
Email: NHHhelpdesk@dataserve-uk.com or CommercialTeam@dataserve-uk.com
Address: ScottishPower, ScottishPower, Wilderspool Causeway, Warrington, WA4 6QD

Half Hourly Operational Matters – Martin Carruthers – I & C Metering and Data Services Manager
Phone: 0141 614 3430
Email: HHdata.help@dataserve-uk.com or CommercialTeam@dataserve-uk.com
Address: ScottishPower, Ochil House, 2nd Floor, 10 Technology Ave, Hamilton International Technology Park, Blantyre, Hamilton G72 0HT