To celebrate it’s 25th Anniversary, the AMO produced a timeline to look back at significant events in the energy industry and the Association during the last 25 years. View our AMO Timeline here.

A brief history of the AMO

Competition in metering was introduced for larger customers in the electricity market in 1994. Up until that time all metering work had been performed by regional or national monopolies.

As independent Meter Operators entered the market the original metering businesses were separated from their corporate companies. New trading arrangements were introduced to the electricity and gas markets to enable competition in energy supply to develop. The business interests of Meter Operators were found to be different to those of other parties to the trading arrangements.

This resulted in metering companies forming the Association to represent their interests in this evolving market. Since the creation of the Association in 1996 it has grown to encompass all aspects of electricity, gas, smart metering and emerging technologies.

Where are we now?

The AMO now has over 20 Members, holding up to 20 meetings each year. It has established it’s three key priorities:

  • To respond to industry debate and provide representation on consultative bodies;
  • To provide a forum for the discussion of industry issues; and
  • To promote best working practices and efficiency within the industry.

The AMO has expanded to now encompass all aspects of gas, electricity, smart metering and emerging technologies in Great Britain. Our Members come from a wide range of metering backgrounds and all contribute their industry expertise to the discussion of technical, operational and regulatory matters.

Through this, the AMO has produced various guidance documents, recognised and valued by industry leaders.