Information for Members

Accurate Reporting of Defects 

AMO Map of Representatives 

The attached document lists the various groups on which AMO Members have representation; an overall representation chart; and the representative’s contact details. To find out more about issues being discussed, or to provide views, please contact the relevant representative.

BEIS Category Issues Card, Photo Examples and Guidance 

BEIS Consumer Reference Group 

BEIS Derby Pilot Information for Members 

BEIS Remobilisation Working Group 

Corrosion Guidance - National Grid 

Guidance leaflet on identifying and reporting corrosion on gas meters.

CT Advanced Meters Guidance 

DSEAR Reference Document 

EUK Customer Facing Issues Guidance 

The Association of Meter Operators and Energy UK have worked alongside industry experts in developing a comprehensive ‘Guidance for Electricity and Gas Meter Installation Customer Facing Issues Document’ This new version, published in December 2019, is aimed at providing clear guidance to installers on how to act, and the actions they should take when they identify issues with consumer’s gas or electrical equipment or appliances that require corrective action to be taken, either immediately, or at some point in the near future.

Guidance for Electricity and Gas Meter Installation Consumer Facing Issues

DNO Policy - New LV Connections to MDUs 

ECV Handle Protocol 

AMO prepared a document within MAMCOP to describe the protocol for the provision of Emergency Control Valve (ECV) handles to Meter Asset Managers (MAM) by Gas Transporters (GTs). This document was updated in Summer 2015 and can be accessed below.

Energy Costs: Support for Consumers 

Engineering Recommendation G87 

ESQCR Reporting Guidance 

Please click the link below for information and guidance on Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations (ESQCR) incidents.

ESQCR Guidance and Statistics

EV Load Curtailment - AMO Guidance 

Gas Incident Investigation Template 

Guidance on Measurement Transformer Cleansing 

Guidance Note - Process for Lack of Customer/Meter Operator Contract 

This process has been agreed by Members of the AMO for dealing with customers where the metering contract with the customer has ceased to be effective. Meter Operators have no wish to disrupt services to Suppliers but must maintain trading in a legitimate environment. Suppliers are encouraged to support Meter Operators in achieving a satisfactory resolution of direct Customer/Meter Operator contract issues.

Guidance on the use of the Combustible Material Warning Label 

Large Whole Current Meters 

The below document provides guidance and advice on how to deal with the replacement of large whole current meters.

Meter Equipment Packaging and Transportation Guidance 

Revenue Protection Information 

Revisions to the D0268 

Serial Numbering of Meters 

The Serial Numbering of Electricity Meters

This Recommendation applies to electricity meters for domestic and small commercial customers of which there are some 25 million installed in the UK. It is intended i) for the guidance of parties responsible for specifying the serial numbers of meters which they procure ii) to assist parties in the identification of certain meter characteristics, particularly the original procurer (for instance to aid tracing of certification records). This document replaces Electricity Association Engineering Recommendation M10/4 dated January 1991, and an interim document M1, dated September 2004. The latter took account of the major changes of both the Electricity Industry and the Meter Manufacturing Industry which have occurred since the issue of M10/4, but has subsequently needed to be amended in the light of further changes. The document is maintained on the UKMF Website.

Serial Numbering of Gas Meters

The following information has been provided as guidance by NGM and Actaris to assist in understanding the structure of gas meter numbers. NGM have provided a guide to pulse outputs from their meters. In February 2014 the serial numbering is under review to be incorporated into MAMCoP.

TAA/ELEXON Memorandum of Understanding (Old) 

In 2003 and 2004 various memorandums of understanding were developed between the AMO and ELEXON. These may have been superseded or changed but the below document is included here as a record.

XOServe Guidance for Meter Workers when a demand estimation logger is attached to the meter