Letter from the Secretary of State – Manufacturing Sectors

Please see below a letter from the Secretary of State to those working in the UK manufacturing sectors dated 11th January 2021.


BEIS response to AMO COVID-19 letter

On 9th April 2020, the AMO Chairman wrote to the Secretary of State to outline the important essential work that AMO Members are undertaking during the COVID-19 pandemic. The personalised response from Ian McKenzie, dated 1st June 2020, is below.


Keeping customers connected

The Association of Meter Operators is the trade association representing the field workforce that install and maintain electricity & gas meters in over 30 million homes and businesses across Great Britain and whom have been identified as “Key Workers” to support the country through this pandemic.

The continuity of supply and safety of our customers and colleagues is our top priority.

To keep customers connected; many of our associates are still visiting properties throughout the UK to attend to emergencies, maintain essential safety equipment and connect new essential supplies such as the NHS Hospitals, food, and equipment manufacturing and other infrastructure supporting the Covid-19 response.

All of our associates staff are well trained and continue to comply with all the Government guidelines, including social distancing, to ensure the risk to colleagues and customers is minimised during the pandemic. Before entering a premise we will have discussed the situation with the resident/owner/ site manager . We wear Personal Protective Equipment as recommended by the UK Government and the World Health Organisation whilst maintaining our professional standards.

Dave Wright
Association of Meter Operators

AMO statement on repatriation of assets during COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus is affecting many customers and businesses and we are now in an unprecedented environment. The AMO continues to support its members and their businesses at these times and realises the impact this is having on the logistics of all organisations.

Taking this into consideration the AMO is requesting that all members and suppliers take a pragmatic view in relation to the repatriation of assets to their rightful owners and be mindful that timescales may not be those that have previously been agreed.