Through regular meetings of its Forums, AMO Members are enabled to participate in the discussion of technical, operational and regulatory matters with experts and leaders from across the industry.

There are currently four standard forums, these are:

  • Electricity Metering Forum
  • Half Hourly Electricity Metering Forum
  • Gas Metering Forum
  • Industry Change and Emerging Technologies

The AMO Committee can also schedule ad-hoc forums to discuss specific issues or develop guidance documents for members.

Terms of Reference

Each forum has Terms of Reference to define the objectives, scope and administration for the group; a summary of the scope is below.

  • To consider technical, regulatory, safety and relevant commercial issues associated with meter operation of electricity, gas and smart meters, and recommend to the AMO an approach on such issues as appropriate.
  • To consider the impact on meter operators of new or proposed changes to regulation or legislation on electricity, gas and smart metering, including European Directives.
  • To represent the AMO and lobby on behalf of the AMO at industry meetings on electricity, gas and smart metering, as approved by the AMO Committee.
  • To respond to directions from the AMO Committee and, in return, brief or advise the membership on issues.
  • To promote best practice.