Please see below for a list of the 2019 AMO meeting dates.

COM 19-01 Tuesday 12th February
COM 19-02 Wednesday 1st May
COM 19-03 Thursday 12th September
COM 19-04 Thursday 28th November
GMF 19-01 Tuesday 8th January
GMF 19-02 Tuesday 14th May
GMF 19-03 Tuesday 3rd September
GMF 19-04 Thursday 21st November
EMF 19-01 Thursday 24th January
EMF 19-02 Thursday 6th June
EMF 19-03 Tuesday 17th September
EMF 19-04 Thursday 5th December
SMF 19-01 Thursday 28th March
SMF 19-02 Tuesday 18th June
SMF 19-03 Wednesday 2nd October
SMF 19-04 Tuesday 10th December
HH EMF 19-01 Wednesday 27th February
HH EMF 19-02 Wednesday 3rd July
AGM 2019 Wednesday 13th – Thursday 14th March
GM 2019 Thursday 17th October